Sermons from Faithful Word Baptist Church North

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Richard Miller 7/31/16
"The Necessity of Church"
Rick Martinez 7/31/16
"Choose You This Day"
Jonathan Shelley 8/4/16
"Proverbs 1 - Wisdom"
Tyler Baker 8/7/16
"Given to Hospitality"
Rick Martinez 8/7/16
"Humble Yourselves"
Jonathan Shelley 8/11/16
"Proverbs 2 - Hide My Commandments"
Tyler Baker 8/14/16
"They Worship and Serve The Creature"
Elliott Ray 8/14/16
"That Your Prayers Be Not Hindered"
Jonathan Shelley 8/18/16
"Proverbs 3 - Trust in the Lord"
Tyler Baker 8/21/16
"Ambassadors for Christ"
Rick Martinez 8/21/16
"Repent of Your Sins"
Jonathan Shelley 8/25/16
"Proverbs 4 - Forsake Not My Law"
Tyler Baker 8/28/16
Rick Martinez 8/28/16
Jonathan Shelley 9/1/16
"Proverbs 5 - Lips of a Strange Woman"

Tyler Baker 9/4/16
"Doth God Pervert Judgment?"
N/AJonathan Shelley 9/8/16
"Proverbs 6 - Keep Your Vows"
Tyler Baker 9/11/16
"Be Careful, Little Eyes What You See"
Rick Martinez 9/11/16
"The Power of God"
Jonathan Shelley 9/15/16
"Proverbs 7 - Her Fair Speech"
Tyler Baker 9/18/16
"Lord, is it I?"
Rick Martinez 9/18/16
"Moved with Compassion"
Jonathan Shelley 9/22/16
"Proverbs 8 - Whoso Findeth Me Findeth Life"
Elliott Ray 9/25/16
"Is Christ Divided?"
Rick Martinez 9/25/16
"Reformed Theology: Doctrine of Devils"
Jonathan Shelley 9/29/16
"Proverbs 9 - Wisdom Hath Builded Her House"
Tyler Baker 10/2/16
"Let No Man Despise Thy Youth"
Rick Martinez 10/2/16
"O Wicked Man"
Jonathan Shelley 10/6/16
"Proverbs 10 - He That Refraineth His Lips Is Wise"
Tyler Baker 10/9/16
"Be Zealous"
N/AJonathan Shelley 10/13/16
"Proverbs 11 - Integrity of the Upright"
Tyler Baker 10/16/16
"The Breath of Life"
Rick Martinez 10/16/16
"Have We Not Prophesied in Thy Name"
Jonathan Shelley 10/20/16
"Proverbs 12 - Favour of the Lord"
Tyler Baker 10/23/16
"I Want That Mountain"
Rick Martinez 10/23/16
"Day of the Dead"
Jonathan Shelley 10/27/16
"Proverbs 13 - The Light of the Righteous Rejoiceth"
Tyler Baker 10/30/16
"Halloween:The Holiday from Hell"
Rick Martinez 10/30/16
"Put Off, Put On, Put Away"
Jonathan Shelley 11/3/16
"Proverbs 14 - The Ways of Death"
Tyler Baker 11/6/16
"The Downfall of King Saul"
Rick Martinez 11/6/16
"I Love The LORD"
Jonathan Shelley 11/10/16
"Proverbs 15 - A Wholesome Tongue"
Tyler Baker 11/13/16
"The Equality Movement"
N/AJonathan Shelley 11/17/16
"Proverbs 16 - He That Ruleth His Spirit"
Elliott Ray 11/20/16
"Living to Die for Jesus"
Rick Martinez 11/20/16
"Jesus is Jehovah"
Jonathan Shelley 11/24/16
"Leviticus 22 - Thanksgiving"
Tyler Baker 11/27/16
"Spiritual Warfare: Why Christians Are Losing The Battle"
N/AJonathan Shelley 12/1/16
"He That Loveth His Brother"
Tyler Baker 12/4/16
"Understanding the Bible"
Rick Martinez 12/4/16
"Thou Shalt Not Covet"
Jonathan Shelley 12/08/16
"A More Sure Word"
Tyler Baker 12/11/16
"Tithing in the Bible"
Jonathan Shelley 12/15/16
"One Blood All Nations"
Tyler Baker 12/18/16
"The Three Hebrew Children"
Rick Martinez 12/18/16
"When Thou Prayest"
Jonathan Shelley 12/22/16
"The Son Of God"
N/ARick Martinez 12/25/16
"Luke 2"
Jonathan Shelley 12/29/16
"Malachi 2"
Tyler Baker 1/1/17
"Hold Fast in 2017"
Domonique Davis 1/1/17
"Being Found Faithful"
Jonathan Shelley 1/5/17
"Salt is Good"
Tyler Baker 1/8/17
"Excuses, Excuses, Excuses!"
Rick Martinez 1/8/17
"Blessed Are They Which Do Hunger"
Jonathan Shelley 1/12/17
"Acts 4 - Seen, Heard, Declare"
Elliott Ray 1/15/17
"The Truth About Spanking"
N/AElliott Ray 1/19/17
"Two Kinds of Music"
Tyler Baker 1/22/17
"Teach Others Also"
Rick Martinez 1/22/17
"The Reprobate Doctrine"
Jonathan Shelley 1/26/17
"Matthew 9 - According to Your Faith"
Tyler Baker 1/29/17
"Speaking Plainly"
Rick Martinez 1/29/17
"Weaker Vessel"
Jonathan Shelley 2/2/17
"Church vs Social Club"
Elliott Ray 2/5/17
"Why Jesus Prayed"
Rick Martinez 2/5/17
"What a Friend"
Jonathan Shelley 2/9/17
"Battling For Belial"
Tyler Baker 2/12/17
"Whoso Committeth Adultery"
Rick Martinez 2/12/17
"The Joys of Soulwinning"
Jonathan Shelley 2/16/17
"Servant Unto All "
Tyler Baker 2/19/17
"Christian Fellowship"
Rick Martinez 2/19/17
"The Truth Movement"
Jonathan Shelley 2/23/17
"Conception "
Tyler Baker 2/26/17
"And Thy House - Getting Family Saved"
Rick Martinez 2/26/17
"Principle Doctrines of Christ"
Elliott Ray 3/2/17
"Be Content "
Tyler Baker 3/5/17
"The Poison of Dragons - Curses of Alcohol"
Rick Martinez 3/5/17
Jonathan Shelley 3/9/17
"Not Regarding His Life "
Tyler Baker 3/12/17
"The Black Hebrew Israelites Exposed"
Rick Martinez 3/12/17
Jonathan Shelley 3/16/17
"Thou Shalt Not Steal"
Tyler Baker 3/19/17
"All Is Vanity"
Rick Martinez 3/19/17
"Fruits Meet for Repentance"
Jonathan Shelley 3/23/17
"God is Jealous"
Tyler Baker 3/26/17
"Psalms and Hymns and Spiritual Songs"
Rick Martinez 3/26/17
"The Nature of God"
Jonathan Shelley 3/30/17
"Lecrae The Son of Bosor"
Elliott Ray 4/2/17
"Kings and Contradictions"
Rick Martinez 4/2/17
"Quiver Full of Arrows"
Jonathan Shelley 4/6/17
"Perverted Knowledge"
Tyler Baker 4/9/17
"Advice to Babes in Christ"
Rick Martinez 4/9/17
"Eternal Life"
Jonathan Shelley 4/13/17
"Jesus and Judas went to Hell"
Tyler Baker 4/16/17
"The Resurrection in the Old Testament"
Elliott Ray 4/16/17
"Creationism Can't Save You"
Tyler Baker 4/23/17
"Scripture of Truth"
Rick Martinez 4/23/17
"Capital Punishment"
Jonathan Shelley 4/27/17
"Is College Necessary?"
Tyler Baker 4/30/17
"The Conspiracy Was Strong"
Rick Martinez 4/30/17
"Hindrances of Soulwinning"
Jonathan Shelley 5/04/17
"Desiring Cucumbers"
Tyler Baker 5/07/17
"First Be Proved"
Rick Martinez 5/07/17
"Wisdom, Thou Art My Sister"
Jonathan Shelley 5/11/17
"The Blood Atonement"
Elliott Ray 5/14/17
"Can Faith Save Him?"
Rick Martinez 5/14/17
"That Old Serpent"
Jonathan Shelley 5/18/17
"Give Thyself Wholly to Them"
Tyler Baker 5/21/17
"Good for Nothing"
Rick Martinez 5/21/17
"Raise Your Ebenezer"
Jonathan Shelley 5/25/17
"Seeing the Fire"
Tyler Baker 5/28/17
"Whatsoever State"
Rick Martinez 5/28/17
"The New Testament Church"
Jonathan Shelley 6/01/17
"Abominable Prayers"
Tyler Baker 6/04/17
"You Reap What You Sow"
Rick Martinez 6/04/17
"Being Baptist"
Jonathan Shelley 6/11/17
"Try the Spirits
Tyler Baker 6/11/17
"The Second Greatest Commandment"
Rick Martinez 6/11/17
"Have Thou Respect"